32: How To Catapult Your Relationship To The Next Level QUICKLY

32: How To Catapult Your Relationship To The Next Level QUICKLY

What’s The Episode About:

In this episode, Stacey will share a special video that she recorded where she shares the three secrets that can revolutionize the way any of us does relationships. She will talk about how we can implement the relationship development tools in our relationships in order to get the love and passion that we really want.  

She will then dive into the three secrets and talk about each of them in detail while sharing the real-life actionable steps we can take to turn our relationships around for the better.

Stacey will also talk about their amazing Black Friday sale where they’re offering huge discounts on the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat 2020 tickets, and so much more.

Listen, learn, and don’t forget to go get your Relationship Breakthrough Retreat 2020 ticket now.  

Key Points Discussed: 

  • Asking your partner to change is actually killing your relationship (00:47)
  • Removing your triggers so you can catapult forward and avoid getting hijacked by the people around you (03:43)
  • Getting answers to real life, real family challenges that we assume there is no answer for (07:30)
  • Committing and knowing that it only takes one person to transform a relationship (12:07)
  • The relationship transformer guide and workbook, and the many other bonuses on offer (14:41)
  • The biggest boost a relationship can have in just 14 days (20:28)
  • Breaking down the relationship transformer Black Friday sale (23:10)

Where Can I Learn More:

  • Get access to the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat – here
  • Join the 14-Day Boost – here

When Did It Air:

November 29, 2019

Episode Transcript:

Stacey:             00:00 Hey Relationship Transformers. Welcome to the Relationship Transformer podcast. On this week’s episode, I’m going to share with you a special video that I recorded last week. We’re really excited about it and we hope you will be too. So let’s queue up the intro and dive in.


Intro:              00:19 So the big question is this, how is it possible that one person alone can transform any relationship, save their marriage, great their unshakeable love and unleash passion, divorce, proof their family without needing their partner to get on board and do this with them and yet still get to be happily, authentically you without compromise. That is the question and this podcast will give you the answer. We are Paul and Stacey Martino, and welcome to the Relationship Transformer podcast.


Stacey:             00:47 Awesome. Hey, did you know that it only takes one person to transform any relationship? I know it sounds crazy because we’re trained to hear that like it takes two to tango. And, while that used to be what everybody said, I’m going to share three secrets with you today, that’s going to revolutionize the way that you do relationships. I’m Stacey Martino, the creator of relationship development where we have saved thousands and thousands of marriages, and transformed families only working with one spouse. Now, relationship development is the methodology that we created to empower one person to transform their relationship even if your partner refuses to change. And I’m going to share three secrets with you today about how you can implement the relationship development tools, and get the love and passion that you really want. So the first secret is, that asking your partner to change is actually killing your relationship.


Stacey:             01:49 Now, the big idea here is that right now you feel like you have to keep trying different ways to get your partner to change, or you’re just never going to be happy. Now, unfortunately telling other people to change just doesn’t work, and it breaks down the relationship. It also leaves you feeling stuck, because you feel like if they won’t change, as nothing can change for you. Now, the truth is when you learn the tools and skills to shift how you’re showing up for them, with them, they actually will shift in response to you, not because you told them to, but because you shifted how you are showing up, and they shifted in response. Now, this is really important, because this frees you. You can become unstuck and have something that you can actually do that will work to create the positive change that you want to see, and it can happen much faster than you think, like in a matter of days.


Stacey:             02:43 And, we’ll talk more about that in a little bit. Now, the second secret is that you are completely different than your partner and you’re supposed to be. Now y’all are as different as night and day, and that’s a great thing for your relationship and your family, even if it doesn’t feel quite like that right now. Now, the main thing here is that you’re not supposed to be the same. Equal, yes, but you’re totally different. And, this is important because a lot of kerfuffles that you’re having in your marriage right now and in your parenting right now, is because you don’t actually understand how your partner is wired, and how they’re wired differently than you. The masculine and the feminine are completely different, and these differences are impacting your day several times a day, pretty much every day. Now, when you learn these simple tools for how to understand their wiring, it will be such a huge relief, solves so many kerfuffles, and explains so much that has been driving you crazy.


Stacey:             03:43 The third secret is this. No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you try to have good behavior or let things go or try not to let things bother you, you have triggers. There are things that your partner does that your kids do, that your family members do, that people at work do that trigger you and you react. Now, the truth is you can’t make other people change. You cannot, no matter how much you try, no matter how clever, convincing or threatening you are, you cannot make everyone else change so that you can be happy. You cannot control others, but there is one thing that you can control that will make all your triggers go away, go away for good and that’s you. You can actually remove your triggers so that you no longer have to go through your day getting hijacked by other people around you.


Stacey:             04:38 It’s very empowering to actually be able to release your triggers and happily go through life. Now the secret is you can’t learn your way out of a trigger that triggers in your blueprint. It’s in your wiring. The secret to removing triggers is live immersion event experiences designed to do exactly that. Remove your trigger so that you can catapult forward. Now taking yourself out of your day to day pattern and going to a live immersion event experience is key for this, right? Taking you out of the everyday patterns that you’re stuck in and going to a live event that’s key. Doing it with an expert who’s trained and accomplished in creating this result over and over. That is the secret to removing triggers so that you can be free, empowered, and catapult yourself forward like the biggest changes that you can make in the shortest amount of time.


Stacey:             05:33 Now, for the past six years, my husband Paul and I have hosted 38 live immersion events helping hundreds of people from all over the world to remove their triggers and kind of put themselves and their relationships forward in a short amount of time. And while Paul and I do five events every year, only one event is open for anyone to attend and that’s Relationship Breakthrough Retreat three days to catapult your relationship forward to the next level. Now, relationship breakthrough retreat, 2020 is happening July 9th 10th and 11th in Boise, Idaho. Now, this is a high energy, life-changing immersion experience. You will get a breakthrough that you want in your marriage, your parenting, and all your relationships. Here’s the thing, Relationship Breakthrough Retreat is not a couples event. We don’t do couples work because couples work doesn’t work. This event is designed for you. Your partner does not have to come to this event with you in order for you to get the results you want in your relationship.


Stacey:             06:36 Everything we do is designed for one partner. This is not an education of that. It’s a transformation experience. You will have a breakthrough within the three days of that event, probably many. This is not a speaker that Paul and I are the only two speakers we never leave. We’re there all day and every single segment at the event is designed to give you the next level of powerful breakthrough. Every segment builds on the last. We’ve been doing this event for years and it is life-changing. Powerful experience not to be missed. People actually fly in from all over the world who attend the Relationship Breakthrough Retreat. We have students today in 65 countries. Many students have attended relationship breakthrough retreat two times, three times, four times, even all six times. They never miss a chance because where else can you invest three days and get such a huge breakthrough like think of the last three days of your life.


Stacey:             07:30 Did you have a life-changing breakthrough that where things are never going to be the same like this event is such a huge breakthrough event and it’s probably not what you think. You will likely laugh a lot more than you think you will. You will likely be amazed at how many answers there are to real life, real family challenges that you assume there was no answer for and you’ll likely be so grateful that you came because you didn’t know you really could be so happy and so empowered. Now, let me ask you, do you know what the current divorce rate is in the US well, right now it’s about 50 to 70% that’s what the current divorce rate is. That means that about 50 to 70% of the people watching this video will end up going through a divorce. Do you know what the divorce rate is for the students who go through our relationship?


Stacey:             08:23 You program with me and Paul. It’s 1% in the last six years that we have been doing our relationship U program, we have a 99% success rate and a 1% divorce rate helping loads and loads of people. No one else can touch those results. No one. Why? Because relationship development methodology works. It works. We’ve helped save thousands and thousands of marriages already and at the relationship breakthrough retreat, we will be your guides, you the tools you need to kind of build your relationship to the next level in just three days. Now don’t take my word for it. Scroll through this page. Listen to what the other relationship breakthrough retreat attendees had to say about coming to this event. Okay, so this year for Black Friday, we’re doing a huge sale for relationship breakthrough retreat tickets. This is something we have never ever done before. Relationship breakthrough retreat, live event tickets are regularly $1,997 per person and it is worth every single penny and more.


Stacey:             09:31 This week for Black Friday, we’re offering a huge bundle of gifts. When you purchase your relationship breakthrough retreat, 2020 ticket and we’re going to slash the ticket price too. In fact, we’re going to offer the lowest price ticket that I can ever remember doing for this event ever in the years that we’ve done it. More on that in a minute, but first let’s talk about the huge stack of bonuses that you’re going to get when you buy your relationship breakthrough retreat. 2020 ticket today. Okay? Are you ready for bonus number one? Well, first of all, the first bonus that you’re going to get is, of course, you buy your event tickets to the relationship breakthrough retreat. It’s the three days catapult yourself forward surrounded by Relationship Transformers like all three days are unbelievable breakthroughs, multiple breakthroughs. Now bonus number two is kind of crazy. We’re going to give you a free partner ticket to relationship breakthrough retreat.


Stacey:             10:31 Now let’s chat for a minute because this is not a couple’s events and your partner does not need to attend in order for you to get the results that you want. And if your partner wants to attend this event, we don’t want there to be a financial barrier for them to attend. We are champions for the family like the family is our mission. That’s why we do this. So if there’s any chance that your partner wants to attend or maybe by next spring or whenever it is, they decide, Hey, I’m noticing things are changing, like things are getting better. What are you doing? What are you listening to? And they might have an interest in attending. We want to be able to give you a free relationship, breakthrough retreat, event ticket for your committed love partner. Now, this is not for your sister or your neighbor or your cousin.


Stacey:             11:19 This is for your spouse, your partner, your committed love partner, and they don’t need to claim that ticket. Now, you will be able to get your free partner ticket later until we sell the event out. So the key is you need to make your decision to claim your relationship breakthrough retreat tickets a day and let’s have a little chat about that, right? Because that’s the whole foundation behind demand relationship versus relationship development. Demand relationship is what doesn’t work. It’s when we ask other people to change or tell them how would they need to do to please us. So doing demand would be like, well I’ll go to that event if they go to that event, so let me find out if they’re going to go and then I’ll get my ticket. That kind of measuring and score, keeping that kind of demand relationship is exactly the dynamic that breaks down a relationship.


Stacey:             12:07 The relationship development approach to this is I’m committed, I know it only takes one and I am that one. I am willing to stand up and be a hero for my family. I’m going to break the chains of demand relationship that had been handed down to us. I’m going to break the patterns of demand parenting that’s in my parenting now because my children deserve this. I deserve this. My relationships deserve this and I’m going and later if my partner wants to go or they don’t want to go, that’s absolutely about their journey, their yellow brick road to their eyes on their own timeline. And I released that. I’m glad I get a free ticket if they decide to go, but I’m going no matter what. That is the relationship development approach, that’s a relationship transformer talking. That is what elevates relationships and takes them up.


Stacey:             12:52 I just want to let you know that 90% of the people who start our programs or come to our live events, we never see their spouse. Their partner does not come with them. They come as one person and they completely transform their relationships, save their marriage, bring the passion back, transform their parenting, bring peace and harmony to their household. Whatever relationship it is that they want to focus on wall, learning how to be authentically happy themselves without compromise in an empowered way that they probably haven’t felt in years, decades or ever. And so that is the relationship transformer approaches to be committing to come to relationship breakthrough retreat 2020 regardless. And it’s wonderful to have that bonus of a free partner ticket in your back pocket if that’s something that you want to use and we’ll show you how to get your free partner ticket later.


Stacey:             13:43 So first of all, relationship breakthrough retreat tickets are two grand a piece and then the partner ticket would have been another two grand. So already the value is somewhere around almost four grand and we’re just getting started on the bonus stack of bundles that you get when you get your relationship breakthrough retreat ticket during this black Friday bundle sale. What’s the next bonus? The next bonus is a relationship transformer t-shirt. We are having brand new long sleeve t-shirts made, uh, changing the way relationship is done on the back relationship transformer down the sleeve. And we want you to have your swag, right? Your swag is that thing that keeps you engaged and knowing your relationship transformer and anchored into how awesome you feel as being a relationship transformer. And we’re going to send you a relationship transformer t-shirt as part of your awesome black Friday bundle sale that you get when you get your relationship breakthrough retreat.


Stacey:             14:41 2020 tickets during this black Friday sale. What is the next bonus, the relationship transformer, podcast guide and workbook? This is a brand new product that we’re creating. Are you a relationship transformer, podcast listener? Do you love the relationship transformer? My guess like I know you do, we are building this relationship transformer, podcast guide and workbook. It’s a workbook with one page per episode for the relationship transformer podcast that gives you the key points and bullet points with timestamps of where to find those points in the podcast and the action steps and the workbook questions and the journal space to be able to actually take action on every episode in the relationship transformer podcast. Um, so that you can action it for yourself and have your companion guide and workbook with you as you go through all the podcasts. I know so many of you, first of all, we’re so thrilled at the raving fans that we have for the relationship transformer podcast.


Stacey:             15:48 This podcast has spread like fire. We are in the top 100 in many countries around the world. We are the 99th rated podcast in all of Hong Kong across all podcasts, like how did that even happen? Right? We’re in the top 100 here for self-help and relationships in the U S and all over the world. We’re breaking into charts and there’s thousands and thousands of downloads and we’re so thrilled that you’re loving the podcast. We want to give you a way to action even more so. We’re building this product, it’s valued at $97 and we’re going to give you free access to the relationship transformer guide and workbook as part of your black Friday bundle. Yes. I’m so excited for you to get it. All right, ready for the next bonus. The next bonus is relationship development, parenting preview sneak peek class. So many of you have been freaking out as we continue to talk about the relationship development parenting approach and how to stop doing demand parenting.


Stacey:             16:54 Do you want it? Stop doing demand parenting. I know that’s a yes. Do you want more relationship development, parenting strategies and tools? I know that’s a yes. Here’s the thing. I know a lot of you are like hanging on the edge of your seat waiting for the relationship development parenting program that we’re building to come out next year and it’s going to take us a while to build that. I know you saw us film just recently. We filmed an entire day of content for the curriculum for relationship development parenting program and we have pulled a segment of that to create this relationship development, parenting preview class with tools and strategies that you can start using to break the chains of demand parenting, start implementing relationship development, parenting and start watching the peace and the harmony come to the relationships that you have with your children to your household. Two things getting done without demanding controls so that while you’re home he was operating smoothly and they, everybody is contributing accordingly.


Stacey:             17:58 Your relationship with your children is also growing, not going down in the toilet. I know that doing relationship development parenting is so important to so many of you and it’ll take us about a year to get the relationship development parenting program completely created and ready for you to sign up and I know you’re like, I want more, I want more. So we’re building this preview class. It’s a brand new product and it’ll be $1,197 we’re going to give it to you free. Totally free access when you get your relationship breakthrough retreat, 2020 tickets during this black Friday sale. Oh my gosh. Do you see the value of the stack as it’s going up? Because it’s crazy. Well, we’re not done. There is another bonus. I know. It’s so much, right? There’s another bonus here. It is. Live group Q and a call with me and Paul.


Stacey:             18:50 I know. Would you like to get on the phone and ask us your question? You can bring your biggest relationship challenge to a live group Q and a call with me and Paul and get our laser coaching so that you can breakthrough. I know. So many times people were like, Oh my God, your programs are great, your content is great, and I just have this one thing like this one big recurring thing and my relationship or with my folks or in my marriage or with my parenting, even with myself, whatever it is, and I really just wish that I could get Paul and Stacey’s answer. Well now you can only for the people that get their relationship breakthrough retreat, 2020 tickets during this black Friday sale, you’re going to get to come to a live group Q and a with us and not only get your question answered, but here are all the goals from every other question that is asked on that call.


Stacey:             19:39 This is where you start to see that, Oh my gosh, there is an answer for so many regular family things that I didn’t know that there was an answer to that. And by the way, I have that crap too. And by the way, that’s also going on in my house. Thank you so much for asking that question and you will be so grateful that you got to hear all the answers to everybody else’s questions, let alone your question. This is regularly a value of 1000 bucks and when you buy your relationship breakthrough retreat ticket during this black Friday sale, you’re going to get to come to that call and it’s going to be free for you. Oh my goodness. All right. What’s the next bonus? I can’t even imagine right at this point, what else is there? Would you like to do the 14-day boost?


Stacey:             20:28 Yes. Oh my gosh. This is our brand new program. The 14 day boost for your relationship program and it has been on fire and has totally been on fire. We’re getting ready to do the January 8th boost is a 14 day program, starts January 8th and we want to welcome you to do the 14 boost program with us. It is 14 days. The biggest boost your relationship will have in 14 days. Like that’s nothing right for a huge boost in your marriage relationship and your parenting. We go through the forgiveness process. We go through the mega strategy of energy profiling to reduce kerfuffles in your family and your household and your relationships and how to align with your partner on the things that we need to get on the same page on. We do so many unbelievable life-changing things in 14 days. Now, if you’ve done the boost before, who doesn’t need a boost, right?


Stacey:             21:21 You’ll go through and come do the boost again with us for free. If you’ve not done the boost like you definitely want to do this because yes, your relationship is going to catapult forward and relationship breakthrough retreat is in July. This is happening January 8th like you’re going to have such a boost for your relationship before you even get to relationship breakthrough retreat, so everybody’s going to come do the 14-day real boost for your relationship with us in January. That program is regularly 47 bucks and you’re going to get access to it totally for free. When you claim your relationship breaks a retreat ticket during this black Friday sale, okay? Are there any bonuses left you ask, is there another bonus that we could come up with? Here’s the thing, we want to support you along the way. We want to be there for you on your journey to relationship breakthrough retreat.


Stacey:             22:17 So for the four months before relationship breakthrough retreat happens, we’re creating a relationship breakthrough retreat, only private Facebook community, and during that four months leading up to that event, just for the people in that community. So these are the people who are like, I’m in man, I’m all in, I’m coming to the live event. I can’t wait to be there. Our relationship U leadership team and I are going to support you seven days a week in that private Facebook community where you can celebrate your victories and bring your challenges for insights and shifts and perspective shifts and tools and strategies and all of the things. So we want to make sure that we take great care of you. So we’re going to form a private Facebook group just for relationship breakthrough retreat. It’s NDAs and our team will be in there supporting you for the four months leading up to the event, which is just a priceless level of support.


Stacey:             23:10 And we’d love to do this. Plus, then you’ll get to know all the Relationship Transformers that are coming to the live events and you’ll form relationships in that community. Your seventh power community, they’re your tribe and then you’ll get to be with them in person at the light of that is just unbelievable. Okay, so you’re going to get the event ticket to relationship breakthrough retreat. When you get your ticket during this black Friday sale, you’re going to get a bonus free ticket for your partner. If they choose to come, you’re going to get your long sleeve Relationship Transformer t-shirt, the never before released Relationship Transformer podcast guide, and workbook. The never before released. Relationship development, parenting preview class, a live group Q&A call with me and Paul, the 14 day boost program access and four months of private relationship breakthrough retreat, Facebook group support.


Stacey:             23:59 The total value for this entire bundle for Black Friday is $6,784 and 99 cents and of course the ticket price is going to be nowhere near that. Like these bonuses are so deep and there’s so much gorgeous stuff there. So what’s the black Friday sale? You ask. It’s such a great question, right? All right. Here’s the deal now for Thursday and Friday of the black Friday sale through Friday at 11:59 PM Eastern time, U S when you get your ticket for relationship breakthrough retreat, it’s just 500 bucks, 500 bucks for first of all, the relationship breakthrough retreat ticket by itself. That’s unbelievable. Tickets are regularly $1,997 last year when we opened registration for relationship breakthrough retreat, we did a huge 50% off sale and tickets open did $997 and it was crazy. This is 75% off of the ticket price, which we have never done. This is crazy.


Stacey:             25:18 Just 500 bucks for your relationship breakthrough retreat ticket and you get everything in that bonus stack, the partner ticket, the long sleeve t-shirt, the relationship transformer, podcast guide, and workbook. The preview class for relationship development, parenting, the live group Q and a call with me and Paul, the 14 day boost program, four months of Facebook group support and it’s just 500 bucks, which is crazy. So this is how it works. First of all, that’s 75% off the ticket price. Uh, let alone the value of the huge stack of bonuses that you’re getting. Just start completing the form on this page right now and claim your relationship breakthrough retreat ticket and all those bonuses for just 500 bucks. Now here’s how the sale works. It’s black Saturday, right? So we’re going to have a little fun with this for Thursday and Friday. It’s just 500 bucks, 500 bucks, 75% off tickets, and you get the entire bonus stack.


Stacey:             26:21 And here’s where we have a little bit of fun. It expires Friday at 11:59 PM Eastern time. So we thought we would do something and have it go up by a hundred bucks every 24 hours after that. So here’s the deal, Thursday and Friday, your ticket and the whole bundle is 500 bucks. The Saturday deal is six bucks. You still get the entire stack of bonuses. This Sunday deal, 700 bucks. You get the entire stack of bonuses. Cyber Monday, it’s 800 bucks and you still get the entire stack of bonuses. 11:59 PM Eastern time on cyber Monday at night, the sales stops, ticket price goes up and the bonus stat goes away. That’s how this works. So ticket price jump up on Tuesday and all the gifts in the bonus go away. So Thursday and Friday, 500 bucks. Saturday is 600 Sunday and 700 cyber Monday is 800 and all four of those, you still get the full stack of all of those bonuses and all the gifts in the bonus.


Stacey:             27:25 It’s a huge steal whatever day it is. Of course, get it on Thursday or Friday, but it’s also a huge steal on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, any of those days. But the sooner you buy your tickets, the more that you get to save. This is the full deal. You get your ticket to relation to break the retreat, 2021 for 75% off. Then you get a bonus ticket for your partner, the relationship transformer, long sleeve t-shirt, the relationship transformer, podcast guide and workbook, the relationship development, parenting preview training class, the live group Q and a call with me and Paul access to the next 14 day boosts. So you’re going to be getting transformation right away, four months of private relationship, breakthrough retreat, Facebook support from us. It’s a total value of over 6,700 bucks and it’s just 500 bucks or this black Friday deal. Amazing. Right? So here’s the thing, if you have questions, our office is closed for the Thanksgiving holiday here, so if you email us, you’re likely not going to get an answer before the sale expires.


Stacey:             28:35 Please read everything on this page. Most of your questions are answered on this page. There are all kinds of information about the event and a lot of your questions are going to be answered by going on this page. If you still have a question, go to the Relationship Transformers official Facebook community right here in Facebook. You can go to my relationship development community.com or you can just search within Facebook for the Relationship Transformers official community. Join that group and ask your question in there. There are thousands and I think there’s over 9,000 Relationship Transformers in that group and hundreds of them, if not thousands of them have been through relationship breakthrough retreat. So bring your questions there. Ask your question in the Facebook group because if you email us, you can email us, but my office is closed. It’s a holiday. Our team works so hard to put this deal together for black Friday and they all want to be with their families for the Thanksgiving holiday.


Stacey:             29:35 They have off Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. We will be in the office on Monday and you can wait. The deal on cyber Monday is 800 bucks plus the bundle and that’s great too, but please know that there are no extensions of the black Friday deal. It’s all set up in our software. Thanks to this amazing funnel that we built and the price changes automatically at 11:59 PM each night, the price goes up by a hundred bucks for the next day. There are no exceptions. It doesn’t matter. Claim your ticket. Now, if you’re watching this now, fill out the form on this page and get your ticket. Buy your tickets or relationship breakthrough retreat 2020 our office is closed. There are no extensions and no exceptions to the sale. If you want the huge sale, just get your ticket. Now, if you’re watching this video and you are a relationship, you student or a quick starter who won a free ticket to relationship breakthrough retreat, check your email because I sent you an email on how you can get the bundle cause I know you already have your ticket for relationship breakthrough retreat, but I also know that you’re going to want this bundle and I sent you an email for how you can get the bundle to.


Stacey:             30:44 I am so excited for you to take advantage of this black Friday sale. We have never done anything like this ever. We’ve never done 75% off tickets, let alone give huge bonuses worth over 6,700 bucks for just a $500 ticket. Even if it’s a six or seven or $800 ticket, it doesn’t matter because this deal is amazing and all of that is great, but the most important thing is this is it? Like this is the thing that’s going to change everything for your family. This is the thing that’s going to transform your marriage. This is the thing that’s going to bring peace and harmony to your household and your parenting. This is it where you can finally be free, authentic, and happy. These are the answers and it’s only three days to create that breakthrough and have that transformation. You deserve it and your family deserves it and we are so happy for you that you can finally get it.


Stacey:             31:40 All right, so here’s the thing. Fill out the form on this page. Claim your ticket. Buy your ticket for relationship breakthrough retreat, 2020 hit submit. And on the next page you will see a page that says, congratulations. You’ve got your ticket to relationship breakthrough retreat, and that’s how you know that you’re in. If you have any questions, you can email us, give us a call when our offices are open and we’re there, but make sure you get your ticket before we sell out and we will see you at related to break the retreat. I’m so excited, sending love everyone.


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