51: Huge Announcements For What’s To Come

51: Huge Announcements For What’s To Come

What’s The Episode About:

Welcome to another episode of the Relationship Transformers Podcast. Today, Stacey has some exciting updates and announcements of some unbelievable things that we have been doing. Listen in to some big surprises that are coming your way from Relationship Development.

First things first, let’s celebrate the success of the July 2020 Relationship Breakthrough Retreat. This was the first RBR we did online. We reached so many more people than past in-person breakthrough retreats. We delivered multiple breakthroughs, and we were so happy to see people achieve great results.

We are reimagining several of our programs to better serve you and we have several releases coming out this fall. One of them is the Relationship Development Parenting Program. It has three courses for you in the program – the 14-day boost program, the quick start program, and the yearlong program.

With that said, we’ve retired the 2nd edition of the Relationship Breakthrough Quickstart Program. We are also creating a brand new Relationship Breakthrough Program that will be launching on September 23rd. We are so excited about this because the new program is completely reimagined with some awesome new features. 

The other huge announcement we want to make is that we will be holding, for the first time ever, a 2nd Relationship Breakthrough Retreat in a year in December. We’ve always wanted to hold two RBR events in a year and it is unbelievable that this year we’ll finally be able to do that.

Key Takeaways

  • Celebrating the success of the July 2020 Relationship Breakthrough Retreat (02:45)
  • Reimagining several of our programs to better serve you (07:07)
  • The exciting new Relationship Development Parenting Program (07:34)
  • How to get the RD Parenting Boost Program as a bonus (13:24)
  • Retiring the 2nd edition of the Relationship Breakthrough Quickstart Program and creating a new Quickstart Program (15:58)
  • Holding a 2nd Relationship Breakthrough Retreat in a year for the first time ever in December (23:17)
  • Taking  our Relationship Development Methodology to as many families as we can (39:32)

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Stacey  0:00  

Welcome to the Relationship Transformers Podcast. I’m Stacey Martino. And I’m so excited to dive in with you today and give you a huge update on some unbelievable things that have been happening and tell you about some giant surprises that are coming your way from Relationship Development. So let’s cue up the intro and dive in.


Intro  0:25  

So the big question is this. How is it possible that one person alone can transform any relationship, save their marriage, create their unshakable love and unleash passion divorce proof their family without needing their partner to get on board and do this with them? How is it possible to do all this and yet still get to be happily authentically you without compromise? That is the question and this podcast will give you the answers. We are Paul and Stacy Martino and welcome to the Relationship Transformers Podcast. Right, we’re going live. I know


Stacey  1:02  

I have so much to update you with. If you are here and seeing me live, I’m live right now both on the Facebook page, and also in the relationship Transformers group. So if you’re in the relationship Transformers private Facebook group, or on our Facebook page, we’re live on both. This is so exciting. If you’re live post hi in the comments, so that I can see that you’re here. If you’re watching this later on replay post replay in the comments. I’m so excited to come here and give you an update and chat because there’s so much going on. And I haven’t I have enough because we’ve been so crazy and there’s so so much exciting stuff going on. That it hasn’t even been time to update. Hello, hello. Goodfellas hi in the comments. Hey Connie, glad that you’re here. Go ahead and post hi in the comments tell me that you’re watching. I want to do so many updates for you. We have so many amazing things coming in the next I don’t know starting in a few days and they’re all things that we have been working on for you and announcements that I want to make and huge surprises that you will not see coming. So many cool things and I know it’s been so long right since we did relationship breakthrough retreat in July, which feels like a year ago and it was like the first or second week in July and they’ve been wanting to come in and give you guys an update. And it’s just been crazy. So go ahead and post hi in the comments. I’m just gonna go here to and see if I can see comments. Go ahead and post hi in the comments. Hey Kristin. Great to see you too. If you’re watching us live post hellos so I can say hello. I have so much to share with you. If you’re watching this later on replay go ahead and post replay Alright, so first things first, let’s celebrate relationship breakthrough retreat that we just did in July.


It was unbelievable relationship transformers. Where are you? Relationship Breakthrough Retreat was unbelievable ahead if you were at RBR It was incredible. Now, this was our relationship breakthrough retreat. For those of you who don’t know, is our foundational event, we do many events a year. Hey, Mary, Katherine, great to see you. RBR is like our biggest event is our three day immersion experience. And it’s the only one of our events that you can actually come to unless your relationship you student, the rest of our live events are all essential, like higher level events, elevated events. RBR was amazing. And this was our seventh rvr event, our seventh year doing rbr really do it once a year. And it was our first time doing it as an online live experience. And that event is just like transformational and a game changer. And what was amazing about this relationship breakthrough retreat live online, is that the breakthroughs were just as ginormous and according to some of our students, even more so than when They’re in a live in person room with lots of people in the same room, they were able to kind of go farther with it do more with it, because they have the privacy of their own space. And the other beauty was because it was live online. Like we were able to reach so many more people, it was a, it was triple the size of our largest relationship breakthrough retreat we had ever done. Because it made it so much more accessible. Because it’s live and online. It wasn’t like a webinar. It was a full live event full on live event. And it’s hard to explain if you’ve never done a live event with us. But when you’re in a live event experience with me and Paul online. We are talking to you just like I am right now like saying hi, Kristen. And hey, Mary, Katherine and Connie. Like, we’re looking at the comments. We’re talking we’re asking questions, you’re answering like we’re talking back and forth. So it is a true live online event. In fact, I’m talking to you more online than I can when there’s you know, six 700 people in a room. And you can’t necessarily have a conversation with each and every person from the stage. So it was truly amazing. We were so thrilled to deliver to such a giant audience of families and the breakthroughs that they had multiple breakthroughs, multiple breakthroughs an hour. So that is the new standard like Paul and I deliver a lot of breakthroughs per hour at this event rbR And like every single hour builds on the one before it, so the breakthroughs keep stacking and keep getting more and more giant. And we really hit it. It was amazing and it was great to see everybody have such huge results. And also this summer we had a huge increase in relationship you students relationship us are your lawn program. And we’ve actually doubled the number of relationship your students from last year to this year. It’s just been unbelievable and every single day watching their posts and Getting on the phone with them and hearing what’s going on and seeing them share their results like their lives are changed. Like that, like, Oh, this is so interesting, but like, holy crap, my marriage is leaps and bounds beyond what it has been for the last 10 years like, Oh my gosh, I’ve had a breakthrough in parenting bigger than I have had in the last seven years. Like, it is unbelievable how fast these changes are happening in the relationships that hey, not only mean the most to you, but impact you the most all day every day like, This is not the time to ignore your marriage and your parenting like it’s all day every day and it’s massively impacting you, and your own happiness. And even our students, we’re putting like, the happiest they’ve ever been the most authentic they’ve ever felt like, it’s just so freeing. It’s so amazing to rise up and be that person, that version Have yourself that makes you the proudest the happiest, where it’s just like, It’s unbelievable. And so we’re so excited. 


And so now I have announcements for you. I have announcements for you, because our plan this whole time has been once we get past Relationship Breakthrough Retreat, it’s time we’re redoing, reimagining several of our programs and events to have huge releases happening in this fall. And I know a bunch of you have been waiting for these embellishments. So I want to go through them. And I’m going to start with the one that you’ve been asking about the most. The one that you’re reading for, which is Relationship Development Parenting. How anyone tell me if you’re waiting, are you waiting? Are you waiting for the relationship development parenting course to be released? I know you are because we hear from you every single day. And I know there’s so many people waiting all over the world for us to release Relationship Development Parenting Program. We have been working on this program for two years. And I’m so so grateful now that we did our recordings of the modules for the curriculum online curriculum for already parenting. Yes, Yes, Yes, I know. We did our filming in 2019. so grateful now that we did, because we didn’t live our RelationshipU students were the audience. They flew in from all over the world to actually be there while Paul and I had delivered days of content that it was being filmed. And then we put that into the online curriculum portion, part of the online curriculum portion of what we’re building for relationship building and parenting and this program is a beast. 


It is amazing. It is such a beast and I know so many of you are waiting because like there’s a lot of parenting kerfuffles going on right now. And especially with our kids, and all of us kind of coming to this. I call it the August revelation. It’s the August revelation that school is not coming to save us. And this doesn’t need to be discussion about what’s good or not about that. I don’t care. But the truth is a lot of families were like, let’s just get through this summer, and let’s get back to school. You guys need to get out of the house like I need to be able to do my work, I need to focus. And it’s this huge August revelation of like, Oh my gosh, school is not coming to save us, like, what do we do because I need better tools than this. I need a better system than this. I need something better than this, because we’re kind of just getting by. And so we’ve been working on the relationship development parenting course, the full relationship development parenting program, which is a year long program like it is packed with content modules, solutions. It has its own tool box y’all. Like I know you know, relationship development, the relationship development methodology that we invented, and we have the relationship development toolbox which has over 300 tools in it. Relationship development parenting toolbox has its own set overflowing with tools for all of your real life family situations. In fact, I just did a live training a couple of days ago inside our relationship Facebook group, teaching them how, how we’re creating an online school collective, to kind of solve the situation of having kids in online school without you having to be the teacher without you having to stay on top of them without the the nagging and the fighting, and without them feeling so isolated. So you can actually get back to real life whether or not your schools opening and be free of being hinged to that and it ended up being this unbelievable class and everybody was like, holy crap, this is I taught like a five part framework for it and all the tools to go with it, to implement it so you can implement any part of it you want and it’s full of things like that. And also like, how do you run the household and how do you have systems and all the things about your relationship with your kids and the whole concept is Why we do relationship driven parenting, it’s about reducing kerfuffles having a harmonious, peaceful household. But while doing that, building up the relationship that you really have always wanted with your kids, so that they come to you and share their life with you. As opposed to, we’ve got it. We’ve just got to get through this. But all the while our relationship with our kids, there’s like, it’s fighting, it’s yelling, they’re certainly not coming with us. They’re certainly not sharing with us. They’re not including me in their life. Like, you know, we’re adversaries. And so that’s the concept behind it and like the toolbox is just so incredible because parenting is 24 seven, it’s like real life just like marriage and relationships is real life and we wanted to have a tool for every, every need every situation and so, so excited for it. So here’s the rundown. We are releasing three relationship development parenting classes, courses. program three, we’re doing a relationship development parenting boost program, which kind of like our 14 day boost program, it’s like the entry like, let me see if this works for me, I want to get a few tools, I want to start seeing this. I want to start implementing it. I want to see how this works in our household. The second is the Relationship Development, Parenting Quickstart Program.


And then the Relationship Development Parenting Program, the big one the year long program. And so all three programs are releasing the relationship development, parenting quickstart program, brand new right, and the relationship development parenting program are set to release this fall maybe October the way that we’re looking at it where we’re shooting for that, but definitely this fall. I was just looking at the program yesterday with our team who’s been in development. It is unbelievable, gorgeous, amazing, full of downloadable, actionable tools and all kinds of things. It’s just incredible and I have a huge announcement to make the relationship development parenting boost program is opening in a few days. So we’ve kind of hustled because I’m speaking next week doing extraordinary, large audience, and I’ll talk more about that in a minute. Um, so we kind of hustled and accelerated the release date. This is what we’re doing. The relationship development parenting boost program is currently a bonus that you can add to your order when you sign up for the September 14 day boost program. So if you go to 14 day boost calm, you’ll be able to register for September’s 14 day boost program. It’s starts September 16. Always good to do that boost program. Like there’s so much that you didn’t implement from the first time or if you’ve not done it before. Oh my gosh, you’ve got to do the 14 dat boost program. And then when you check out you can check the box to add the relationship development parenting boost program, brand new boost program to your order and then on day one September 16 is day one of the next live boost program. All the modules for the RV parenting boost will be in your members area so that you can do the parenting boosts as well. And then the parenting boost will release on its own in October as well. But you can get a sneak peek and do the rd parenting boost program next month. I’m super excited for you. I know so many of you will. I’m excited for you to see it. I’m excited for you to implement it. Just go to 14 day boost calm and check the box on the order form that says yes, I want to add the rd parenting boost program to my order. And then you’ll get those the 14 day boost and the rd parenting boost program. If you want to get advanced access if you want to wait until October for some reason. You could wait until October. It’s actually drastically reduced The 14 day boost order page. It’ll be full price when it releases in October for the boost program, but it’s like a fraction of that if you just add it to your 14 day boost order, I would check it out. So that’s number one is the rd parenting programs. Three already parenting programs, the boost we’re doing an early Sneak Peek released for already parenting boost in September. And then the already parenting quickstart and already parenting program were released in the fall perhaps as early as October. And we are so excited if you’re excited to have the rd parenting program. Go ahead and post in the comments. I can’t wait to see and get you these programs like this is like game changing life changing stuff that you’ve been asking for. Okay, so that’s number one is the three rd parenting programs. All right now, I want to make a huge announcement that I know is going to be a huge surprise to many of you, which is about the relationship breakthrough quickstart program. So our relationship breakthrough quickstart Grass has been out for years. This is actually the second edition of that program that’s been out for years. And oh my gosh, thousands, thousands of people have been through that program, and raving results like day one before their head hits the pillow. their relationships are transforming. And I know it’s an amazing program and you love it. We love it. And we have retired our relationship breakthrough quickstart program, the second edition that has been out for the last few years. And I know you love it, and we love it too. And we are creating an entirely brand new relationship breakthrough quickstart program. It’s a completely reimagined experience. It’ll be the relationship breakthrough quickstart third edition, and it’ll be launching September 23. Now, I can’t even tell you how new This is like it’s everything that was in the previous quickstart has been archived and retired. Only the relationship u students have access to it. We in case you didn’t notice, we’re not selling the Quickstart program right now we took it off the shelf, because we are literally retiring that program and we need to prepare. I know, Holy moly, we need to prepare for September 23. When I tell you it’s reimagined, like it’s reimagined, not only is all the online curriculum, completely different, completely different, but it’s not just online curriculum. It’s immersion experience, online curriculum, gamification and prizes, getting a physical box in the mail with your program, having a game board that guides you through the levels and lessons of your program like it is unbelievable. We are so excited our whole team is working. This is our number one priority. Right now we’re all hustling. I’m working with Mark stern and his amazing team from custom box agency to create the boxes for the brand new quickstart program. The game boards all of the different levels, they made cartoons out of me and all so that they can be in the experience. There’s immersion experience and all of the things baked in because the one thing that Paul and I are truly masterful at and I’m not saying that to be conceited, I’m just saying, that’s how we get results is delivering breakthroughs. That’s what we now know how to do. Like, you can ask any of our students like oh my gosh, if you hang out with cc Impaler, you can get a breakthrough and they’re like, Oh my gosh, so many like, we know how to do that. It’s a strategic process. It’s not accidental. We have mastery of it. We do this all the time, all the time, all the time. And we know the components in order to get a breakthrough. It’s not just online curriculum. online curriculum is education. You’ll get a breakthrough from education. Books are amazing. Books are not a breakthrough books or education. You don’t get a breakthrough from education podcasts. Our amazing podcasts are education, you don’t get a breakthrough from education. Nobody gets a breakthrough from education. We know how to strategically designed a breakthrough. And it’s by using these multiple elements to be able to give you the breakthrough that you desire. And it’s so funny. Because we’re building this our team was like, okay, so maybe I’m not understanding what you mean by breakthrough, like what’s so big about a breakthrough. a breakthrough is when you break through to your next level. When you leave your current comfort zone, and you ascend to your next level of comfort zone, you break through to your next level of yourself, you ascend to a higher level of yourself, a higher version of yourself, your life experience is no longer what it was. Your life experiences a higher level of what it was. And the difference between education and a breakthrough is when you break through to your next level. You don’t slide back into your old level, you are in a new level, a new level of yourself a new level of your life and relationships you have broken through. A lot of people can learn and learn and learn and effort, effort effort and try and try and try and like, Oh, that’s hard. And yeah, we have to do the hard work. And you can’t get your breakthrough without education. It has to be partnered with it. But we strategically know the pieces of involving real life QA so that you’re getting real life answers of how to implement engaging with you and creating implementation in your real life. Having you go through the process in a way that you’re moving with it and engaging with it, and then creating immersion experiences so that you can break through with Paul and I to your next level, and not slide back. Like that’s why having a breakthrough is so huge because when you break through, like I’m in a new level, that old level is no longer part of my journey. I’m not going backwards on the yellow brick road, there’s a line drawn in the sand behind me. That’s why a breakthrough is so life changing, right? Like I look at Kristin and Jen. And some of our students that are here, like, they’ve had tremendous breakthroughs. They’re not flagging back to the version of Kristin and Jen, that they were when they first started this process, they have many more levels that they want to go, we’re all ascending until the day we die. Otherwise, what are we doing here? We’re all going to ascend and be higher versions of ourselves. But we’re going to be a higher version of ourselves. Now we want to have leave certain levels of ourselves behind that’s what growth is. But not just like, oh, that was interesting. And maybe I’ll do that until I forget. And what was that and what did they say and whatever. It’s just to heart. That’s education. breakthroughs are breakthroughs. So big fucking difference. And so that’s why we include breakthroughs in our relationship breakthrough quickstart program and we’re completely reading Imagine the entire delivery, all of the content from the experiential for all of our students. And I just can’t wait. I can’t wait for you to see it. I think you’re gonna see it you’re gonna be like, what the app is this? Like what literally what is this? What’s going on? Where am I? This is unbelievable. And I just can’t wait for you to see it because we’re seeing it as we build it in our whole team is like, holy shit. Oh my god, this is so cool. And we cannot wait to launch it. So. Okay, relationship breakthrough quickstart is launching September 23. Y’all.


I can’t wait for you to get it. You’re gonna freak out. You really are. It’s just I could not be more excited about launching a program. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on it. We’re doing a huge launch around this with bonuses that are just going to be completely insane. And we can’t wait to share that with you. So Mark Your calendars now. And watch for the go live date. Yes, if you try to sign up for the Quickstart now you will not be able to do that it’s completely closed. September 23. That’s where we opened up brand new quickstart program is just going to be amazing. Okay.


Are you freaking out? Cuz I am totally freaking out. I’m so excited. All right, third huge announcement. This is like, serious. And I know some of you are going to be like, what is actually happening right now. And me too. I totally get that. So here’s the thing. Let’s talk about relationship breakthrough retreat. Our three day live immersion experience, this rbR was unbelievable. It really was amazing. And delivering it online allowed us to reach so many more families that never would have considered flying from around the world, to come to Idaho to come in person and like it’s totally worth it but without knowing how life changing This is most people like just don’t get on a plane from Singapore and fly over here we of course have students flying over from all over the world, but not hundreds of them. Like they attended relationship breakthrough retreat online. So it truly was amazing. And what I’m about to announce to you is something that has been a dream of ours for a few years. And it’s becoming real right now. And I really thought we were like three years away from this dream becoming a reality. But it’s happening right now. And I just have to say it so divinely guided, and I’m so humbled and so grateful. For the first time ever, we are going to be doing two relationship breakthrough retreat live events in one year. It has been an event that we’ve only been able to deliver once a year for the whole seven years that we’ve been doing this program. And what’s amazing is last year at relationship breakthrough retreat, 19 my mentor and friend Russell Brunson was there and he was walking out to the event. And he turned to me and Paul, and he said, This event is on fire. This is life changing and unbelievable. everyone on the planet needs to be here. I want you to get ready, because you’re about to be doing relationship breakthrough retreat twice a year, you’re gonna have 5000 people in the seats at each one. So get ready, get ready now. And I looked at him and I said, Oh, please wrestle from your mouth to God’s ears because we are ready to serve. If they are ready to come, we are ready to serve. And I set my goal and my intention, that within three years, we would get to the point that we could do that. And then everything shifted, and everything changed. And we did relationship, breakthrough retreat, live online. And it was unbelievable, unbelievable breakthroughs that have been life changing for every family. And we sat down afterwards as a team, and it was our CEO who looked at me and he He said, we’re doing this twice a year. And we’re doing this twice a year now. And I was like, No, no, we can’t like rbR is a huge undertaking. He’s like, No, we can, we can and we’re doing it. And so I am here to announce to you that in December of 2020, we are doing a second relationship, breakthrough retreat, live event experience online, which means that you don’t have to wait until next July, to immerse with us and attend relationship breakthrough retreat. I am just like, I cannot even tell you how unbelievable This is. for our community of relationship Transformers for our do organization, our mission, and for all of you, you know, so many times people come into our community, and like, It’s September, it’s October and they’re like, Oh my god, this is so great. I want to go to our Bureau and I’m like, I’m so sorry man, but you just missed this one. You’re going to have to wait until next year, we only do it once a year. It’s a big deal. That’s why I keep telling you to not miss it. And it breaks my heart every time but you understand like, it takes us a year to produce one of those rbR events like it’s a big undertaking for our organization. And so to have July and December to relationship, breakthrough retreat, live events, and to serve so many families and not have them have to wait. Oh my god. I’m so excited. So oh my gosh is so huge. So watch for the launch of the relationship breakthrough retreat, December 2020 live online event experience. And we’re gonna launch that this fall. So this fall watch for that. Which is just like it’s out of control. It’s out of control. Like this is such a dream. I can’t even believe that it’s it’s so real like Russell spoke these words at last year’s last in person, our br live event in New Jersey and boom, the very following year to our BRS like the acceleration of dreams into reality when you are being of service that your highest self when you consistently challenge yourself to elevate and ascend when you say yes when it’s uncomfortable because you know it’s the right thing to do. When you dedicate your life to showing up in service, the dreams that you have compressing time as divine source of all good things right? Co creates with you to make that happen. And I’m just like, I’m so grateful. I’m so excited. I can’t wait. This is our relationship breakthrough retreat box from this past year. This past year this past July. So now I have to say which event it is because it’s not just rbR 2020 it’s rbR July 2020 event and we’re getting ready to do our br December 2020 event with all of the things Yay. Oh my gosh, and this bottle Did you see like I’m in love with this bottle. I’ve been using it all the time, and all of the things in the box. It’s just life changing. And I’m so excited for you and everybody else that’s going to get to come to December. Okay. And then of course, the huge news is that next week, I will be doing the five day build your brand challenge with Russell Brunson, Dean graziosi and Tony Robbins. So the way that this happened and I’m going to tell the story, I’m just like, so blown away. I’m so excited to be doing this.


By the way, if you haven’t signed up yet, you need to sign up and get in there right now. It’s a totally free five day live challenge event next week. We’re teaching live every single day. You can go to secrets mastermind comm and sign up. Please do Don’t miss out. This is really life changing. Completely life changing. And the whole concept is about which something I’m like ridiculously passionate about. It’s literally the whole concept behind relationship development, which is that if I know something that works, I want to be able to have a platform to teach it to you. I believe that all humans on the planet deserve to have a relationship development education, deserve to receive the relationship development methodology, to leave demand relationship behind and to absolutely start using relationship development tools and strategies in their lives in their homes. It’s not just for some people, it’s for all people. And so everything we do is about getting all of the information, the solutions, the tools, the strategies that are methodology from us to you, so that you can have it and nobody should be left out of that. It’s about leveling the worldwide playing field but also delivering Training Solutions, education Information and things that people actually need to have the greatest possible life. They can have to live truly live their best life, not just talk about it, but actually live it. And that’s the kind of training and education that I am a massive believer in and what what Dean Tony and Russell have done is they’ve gotten together building their mastermind comm brand. And they are helping people because all of us have a specific journey. And specific gifts that we have that are just like effortless or easy for us. But other people struggle with that. And so for every one of us, whether it’s you know, I have this amazing, you know, five step system for buying a used car, I’m phenomenal at meal planning, I can meal plan every week in 20 minutes for my family or I have this great way that I do laundry or I know how to do this kind of thing for finance or whatever it is like you have a skill, a passion, a talent, a way of doing things. really the way to live in oneness in our worldwide community is to take your gift, your know how, what you do your way, your method, and give it to the world put it out there so that they can get your training that they can. And then like us, like you can give tons and tons and tons of free content. And then for those who want to be like, Hey, man, that’s what I’m about right now. This is what I need in my life. Like, do you have a course you have a program, you have an event you have like, what can I do with you, you can actually create a living, kind of like we have a mission based organization, but you can also get paid to do what you do as well, and really serve people and have a life of meaning and impact and service that unbelievable levels beyond probably what you thought was possible. And these legends these amazing, amazing men have gotten together to build this mastermind.com company. To make it so easy that all you need to do is take your piece and walk through their training to like, boop answer this question answer this question asked him this question. This is how you do it, answer this. You’re ready. It’s open. It’s live, people are buying it. It’s just unbelievable how they have taken their lives of experience, and created a method, a system, a process, to take all the complication and guessing out of it, to take all the struggle and pain of guessing wrong out of it. And just put your stuff into there step by step process and boom, you’re out live to the world and everybody who wants you can find you and buy your stuff and you’re teaching and so that’s what this builds your brand, five day live challenges about next week. We’re literally in five days taking you through it. So I’m first of all, I’m so excited and honored when Russell called me and said, Hey, I Talk to Dean and Tony. And we want a fourth teacher for our bill. This is how this happened. He literally called me and said, Tony Dean and I are doing a build your brand challenge at the end of August. And we would like a fourth teacher, and they were talking about what we really need to accomplish. And I suggested you and they both said, That’s perfect. And so would you come and teach with us? And I’m like, Wait, what? And I’m like, Wait, you mean, like, you’re gonna put 28 speakers across like during the five days so that they can show what they’ve done to and you guys are the teachers and they’re like, No, no, just just listen, you. Okay? Okay. Yes, I will do that.


And it was like one of those surreal moments where I’m like, okay, so it’s just the four of us and you guys talked about me and you looked at what I do and you know what I do and you thought, you know, we really need a Stacy Martino for a relationship. Okay, okay. All right. Yep, absolutely. And of course, I am passionate about this. And of course, I am loving it. And of course, it was much harder for me to build relationship development, the way that I did, then the way that they’re providing for everybody right now. Right? It’s a huge shortcut compared to how I had to build mine. And yet, we’re a mission based organization. We are getting our methodology and our tools out there. We’re getting them out there to you. I’m doing it right now. And I’m so passionate about this. So first of all, join Thank you so much, Kristen for putting the link up secrets mastermind calm. It’s a totally free five day challenge now. I just I can’t say enough about it. And they’re expecting 250,000 people to do this challenge with us. 60, which is just so fun and so exciting. So many people have been messaging me and asking me and they’re like, Oh my god, are you freaking out? Are you freaking out? Actually freaking out about the size of speaking to an audience. I just that’s one of my wirings is that speaking is not a challenge for me. It doesn’t matter how big the stage or how big the size, but it’s making sure that we’re I’m delivering on all of the training that I’m doing on day two, so that everybody gets the result that they’re coming to get with speaking to such a wide audience, right, a wide audience and then serving them afterwards. So because then we’re going to be doing q&a and all kinds of cool things for the VIP. Please upgrade to VIP. When you join the challenge. Oh, my gosh, it’s so worth it. Be like, Oh, no, no, no, I don’t need to ask personal friends with a question. No, I don’t need to ask Tony Robbins question. No, I’m fine. I don’t need to ask Dean grazioso question like, of course you do. They’re giving you a chance to come to q&a with us after every live class and join the VIP Are you crazy? Always say yes. We say yes. When a massive mentor asks you Do you have a question for me? Say yes, and you’ll figure out what Ask later. So I’m super excited for next week. And my training day is Tuesday. So Russell Dean and Tony are doing Monday. And then Tuesday is my training day. And then and then it goes on from there what I love about, and I was just in a meeting with Russell and Dean on Friday, and we’re putting the finishing touches on what the training will be all five days and what the homework assignment will be all five days so that you’re implementing, as you’re going taking easy, manageable steps, but the kind of steps that like, boom, I’m done, I’m live. It’s like, I’m doing it like I’m doing it with you. And it’s so, so strategic and so powerful and so doable for the person who’s like, I’m not an entrepreneur, I’ve never had a business but I do have this thing that I’m really passionate about. And I would love to find a way to get it out there to the person who’s like, Oh, I have a huge brand and a huge business but we have something we need to launch. We Have something we need to do. And I need to do this in a strategic way, and get in front of as many people as possible. And like, really launch this next product, this next thing, this next event, and it’s for that as well. It’s just unbelievable. What we’re creating. For next week, the training is off the hook. I’m super excited about it. And I’m also super passionate about it because I walk this journey, like I do this, Paul and I have this unbelievable gift that we’ve been given where there is no relationship that we can’t solve there is just no relationship situation that we can’t help you handle and building a brand around that getting the message out to people creating programs and events so they can actually receive this in large numbers like that’s something we knew nothing about. Like that’s not that’s not my gift marketing and, and business and rep team members and but you can only work with six people If it’s just going to be you. So we had to figure out like, we didn’t have the solution for nobody, like we want to give it to as many humans as possible. Well, to do that, you need to be able to know how to get your content out there and how to frame it and how to get it to people who are looking for you how to find the people that are looking for you how to deliver it and get them results and in repeatable ways, and large groups and all of those things were completely foreign to Paul and I.


But we did it with the right mentors, with the right tribe, with the right answer from the people who are doing it, who’ve already done it, where this is easy for them. This is their gift. This is their calling, Paul and I receive are calling to take our relationship development methodology and get it to as many families on the planet as we can while we’re here, that’s our calling. And it’s scary and it’s big. But it’s there’s no question like this is my purpose. Hear while I’m here, I’m going to do everything I humanly can and some other stuff beyond humanly can to get this done. That’s our calling. You want to find the person who’s got that calling for whatever it is that you need to solve next. And when it comes to building your brand when it comes to getting your message out when it comes to delivering your solution to the people who need you. That’s what Russell Dean and Tony do. That’s what they do. That’s why they’re my mentors. That’s why Paul and I work with them. That’s why we listen to them. I don’t listen to everybody and listen to them. I fully committed myself to doing that. I don’t question it. I do what they say even when it’s way uncomfortable for me, and it’s not, you know, a movie and ice cream, it’s doing the work. But every single time the results are way bigger than I even imagined that they would be and you can have that too. And that’s what this five day challenge is about and it’s totally free like you’ve got this is what You work with mentors at this level where they’re at a point in their life where they’re like, you know, look, I’ve done it all. I built it. It’s awesome. And now I have to find a way to serve as many people on the planet as I can. While this is my time to be here, and how can I serve I can, we can totally build this whole thing which costs the total fortune five day challenge, give it away for free. In fact, they’re doing more than giving it away for free. They’re donating to Feeding America, for every single person that joins the free challenge. They’re going in, and feeding families like this is about service. In fact, I know Tony, Dean and Russell really, really well. And these are three men who are extraordinarily devoted to service very much the way that Paul and I are completely and totally devoted to our calling our service, what we need to do, and service to others. Like I say this all this


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good like


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we don’t need to do live. events, we don’t need to launch programs. We really could just sit and hang out. We’re not doing this for us. We’re doing this because there are families who are still scrambling, and they have no idea that, oh, there’s a solution for that. Hell yes. Please give that to me. That’s why we get up every day. That’s why we do this not because we want to do it. I never ever, ever, once in a million years said, Would like to be a relationship, mentor and help people know. But when you receive a calling, and you see the world struggling and you’re like, guys, we’ve already solved that. You just don’t know. You have to get up and do something more the next day. You have to, I have to. And so I am. And that’s really what it’s about. For Dean Russell and Tony as well. This is my 24th year 24 years ago, I started with Tony Robbins. And this is I don’t even know how many years that I’ve been studying with Russell and then last year met Dean and really, I can’t say enough about it. Am I honored and proud to be able to be one of the teachers in this program with them. And it’s your turn, it’s time for you to come to so join at secrets mastermind comm we’d love to see you there can’t wait. So many things. Oh, good. Agnieszka, I’m so glad you’re in. So many so many things coming. The launch of the Quickstart program, the new parenting boost that’s attached to the new to the 14 day boost program. You can go sign up for right now. The RV parenting quickstart and rd parenting program that are coming in the fall the new relationship development, no relationship breakthrough retreat, December 2020 events and more to come for relationship you and I’ll do those events with other time. I know this went long but I’m so glad we got to hang out today and got to chat and I hope you’re as excited as we are. If you have questions just pop them into the comments and we’ll circle back and do them later on sending Huge love and energy to you today and I hope you bring that into yourself and into your marriage into your parenting as well. And until I see you again, sending love everyone,


bye bye.


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Okay, relationship Transformers man, we have so much coming up right in the next few months. So Mark your calendar, know the dates, get excited about what’s coming. And if this podcast served you remember, share it around to everyone who needs it right now. Because together we are changing the way relationship is done.


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